ardrone_autonomy is a ROS driver for Parrot AR-Drone 1.0 & 2.0 quadrocopter. This driver is based on official AR-Drone SDK version 2.0.1. ardrone_autonomy is a fork of AR-Drone Brown driver. This package is developed in Autonomy Lab of Simon Fraser University by Mani Monajjemi and other Contributors .

External Links: Source code and issue tracker | ROS wiki page | Code API


  • April 2014: 1.4
    • Publish Odometry (#123)
    • Support for multiple instances of the driver on a single machine (#98 and ardronelib/#2)
    • Use reception time for video streams (#89)
    • Refactoring of source code and build system
    • Deprecated setting TF root frame (6afa19)
    • Deprecated auto IMU calibration (6afa19)
  • September 3 2014 : 1.3.5: Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
  • March 14 2014: The binary packages of the driver are now built on ROS build farm. You can install the driver for ROS Indigo, Hydro and Groovy using apt-get on Ubuntu.
  • January 17 2014:
    • Fully catkinized package (#75 & #79).
    • ARDroneLib has been configured to be built as an external project. ARDroneLib is replaced by the vanilla SDK’s stripped tarball. (More info).
  • October 22 2013: Update to Parrot SDK 2.0.1 (Fixes crashes on 2.4.x firmwares, no support for flight recorder (yet).
  • February 13 2013: Support for USB key recording (More info). Motor PWM added to legacy Navdata.
  • January 9 2013:
    • ROS Groovy support.
    • Support for zero-command without hovering (More info).
    • Fully configurable Navdata support (More info).
    • Support for Flight Animations.
    • Support for Real-time navdata and video publishing (More info).
    • Support for configurable data publishing rate.
  • November 9 2012: Critical Bug in sending configurations to drone fixed and more parameters are supported (More info). Separate topic for magnetometer data added (More info).
  • September 5 2012: Experimental automatic IMU bias removal.
  • August 27 2012: Thread-safe SDK data access. Synchronized navdata and camera topics.
  • August 20 2012: The driver is now provides ROS standard camera interface.
  • August 17 2012: Experimental tf support added. New published topic imu.
  • August 1 2012: Enhanced Navdata message. Navdata now includes magnetometer data, barometer data, temperature and wind information for AR-Drone 2. (Issue #2)
  • July 27 2012: LED Animations Support added to the driver as a service
  • July 19 2012: Initial Public Release